Lady Gaga Dressed in a Condom, Wore a Diaphragm Hat

Lady Gaga arrived at the Good Morning America studios wearing a condom dress and a diaphragm hat (which looked like a retarded cowboy hat) where she spread AIDS. Sorry, I misread that. Where she spread AIDS awareness.

Dressed in a nude-colored latex ensemble, Gaga revealed that “today was a latex condom inspired outfit because we had to talk about safe sex.”

“I know my fans very well and they think it’s cool to be aware about sex, aware about the world and aware about things like HIV and AIDS and protecting themselves,” she explained.

At least we can be thankful she didn’t come to talk about girls and puberty. I don’t need any more used tampons thrown at me, thank you very much.

Anyway, that’s a pretty cool outfit but I liked it better when Leslie Nielsen did it in Naked Gun. I also feel this would have been better if Paris was the one dressed in a condom. It’d have been more symbolic if a diseased whore was wrapped in impenetrable latex.

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13 years ago

awful to use the word retarded as an insult. what’s with that?