Lindsay Lohan Could Be Arrested Today

Lindsay Lohan was caught on video stealing a $2,500 necklace. She claims she borrowed it but Kamofie & Co. scoffed at the notion citing the amount of paperwork that would need to be filed before anyone could be loaned one of their pieces. The D.A. sided with the jewelers and are charging Lindsay with felony grand theft which carries a maximum sentence of 3 years in state prison.

To make matters worse, L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers, one of the toughest prosecutors in the D.A.’s office, will prosecute Lindsay for the second time. The first was during Lindsay’s DUI case.

Things just keep going downhill because Lindsay could be arrested as early as today. Not only that, but she may be cuffed and perp walked into the police station while a bunch of photogs point and laugh at her with their cameras. The second possibility is the D.A. could allow Lindsay to surrender in court at her arraignment.

TMZ says the perp walk in a shoplifting case would mainly be to send a message. I’m sure Charlie Sheen would be shaking in his boots if he saw that. That was sarcasm by the way. The guy brings bricks of cocaine in his house and no one can prove a thing because, unlike that retard Lindsay, he doesn’t parade around in public with it.

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10 years ago

HA HA!!! Death-watch time!!!

10 years ago

Oh please. I have no doubt that as usual Lindsay will get off the hook. And not because she is particularly smart, but just because she’s unbelievably lucky. No wonder she constantly breaks the law, there are never any consequences for her. The LA justice system is clearly a joke.

Herman Bumfudle
10 years ago

lindsay! how did you become so notorious? seriously, your like the felon, who never committed a felony. what is up with the “g” man, they don’t like girls or something?

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