Lindsay Lohan Could Escape Prosecution

Right now it’s up to the DA to decide whether or not they want to prosecute Lindsay Lohan for grand theft. This is looking more and more unlikely because the case is becoming increasingly difficult to prove. Hard work is hard and they just don’t do that in LA.

Lindsay’s side of the story is Kamofie & Company, the jewelers who accused her of stealing the $2,500 necklace, lent it to her and she merely forgot to return it. The surveillance video doesn’t prove otherwise because there’s no audio. Add to this the fact the jeweler knew where she lived and could easily get in contact with her about getting the necklace back. Granted, this might go against Lindsay too because if they did have her contact information and she did borrow it, they most likely would have contacted her.

TMZ also mentions another fact. That Lindsay isn’t dumb enough to be photographed wearing the stolen jewels. But that part is wrong because that’s exactly what she’s done in the past. Wear a stolen item knowing she’d be photographed.

So when all is said and done, this boils down to whether or not the surveillance video shows her stealing or borrowing. You’d think they could just hire a lip reader to tell them what’s going on. They probably don’t because the inanity of the conversation might make their heads explode.

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