Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Fill Out Paperwork

Lindsay Lohan’s been out of rehab for only a few weeks and there’s already a controversy over whether or not she stole a $2,500 necklace and had her stylist return it only when she found out police were about to execute a search warrant.

According to the jewelery store, if Lindsay were allowed to borrow the necklace, she’d have had to fill out lots of paperwork, none of which Kamofie & Co. have. In addition to paperwork, there would be insurance information given or a credit card in case something happens to the jewelery. Say, for example, a celebrity decides to keep it and never give it back. This contract is all signed, of course. Sofia, the owner, says they rarely deal directly with celebs and it’s usually the stylist who’ll come in asking to borrow the jewelery for a shoot or an event.

Lindsay is telling friends, however, “I don’t deal with things like that.” “Things like that” being the paperwork and insurance information needed to borrow a $2,500 necklace. She still claims it was a misunderstanding. A far fetched notion considering all the clothes and jewelery she’s stolen before.

Back in the day, Lindsay was so famous that people would overlook all the stuff she stole because they could at least say a famous celebrity wears their stuff and leech off her fame. Now she’s the equivalent of a crack addict and police are building cases around her like she was John Gotti.

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