Lindsay Lohan Left Court, Will go to Trial

Lindsay Lohan went back to court today to see if her felony theft case involving that $2,500 necklace will go to trial. TMZ reports that deputy D.A. Danette Meyers made a formal offer to Lindsay to settle the case. All Lindsay needed to do was accept a plea bargain which would be an admission of guilt which would in turn be a violation of her probation. Meaning, she will go to jail. In fact, the judge made it clear that if she cops a plea, she’ll do time.

Suffice to say, Lindsay told a confidant she wouldn’t accept the plea and the case will now go to trial. Lindsay said, “I didn’t steal,” and insisted she wouldn’t accept a plea bargain that involves jail time.

This should be amusing. It’s always fun to see how Lindsay handles herself in court. I expect a lot of furtive looks at the judge coupled with her pushing her tongue against her cheek while she makes a blow job motion with her hand. Also, maybe some crying. Okay, a lot of crying.

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