Lindsay Lohan Stole That Necklace

Surveillance footage shows it’s apparent that Lindsay Lohan stole the $2,500 necklace, says a source. The District Attorney, who’s also viewed the tape, believes Lindsay’s friend purposely distracted the store clerk so Lindsay could make off with the necklace.

“As Lindsay was putting her necklace back on, it’s apparent the store clerk was distracted by the male companion that was with Lindsay.”

The sales associate provided a statement to investigators claiming she didn’t realize that Lohan hadn’t taken the necklace off, has learned.

“The video then shows Lindsay and her male friend walking out of the store, all while Lindsay was wearing the necklace,” said the source.

“It’s all clearly visible on the video.”

There’s no word on whether Lindsay will take the plea bargain which guarantees 6 months of jail time or go to trial. Either way, she’s going to jail. You can’t argue against video evidence unless Lindsay tries to argue that’s not really her in the tape and that it’s really a day laborer they hired to impersonate her and then she presents her own version of the tape which has been dubbed with audio of her talking in a bad Mexican accent.

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13 years ago

Just tell her about all the pussy she’ll get in jail…WHOOSH!

Ur Momz
Ur Momz
13 years ago

Lohan is pathetic, not even smart enough to opt for a more valuable necklace. $2500 most real celebrities sneeze at, but she is errrr a bummy trasher. She should just tattoo her face like that other loser bombsmell McGee.