Lindsay Lohan to be Charged With Grand Theft

The D.A.’s office issued a statement to an LA wire service that no decision has been made regarding the Lindsay Lohan necklace theft case. However, TMZ insists the District Attorney will charge her with grand theft and file the case as early as Monday.

If convicted, Lindsay could face a maximum of three years in state prison. Sources say Lindsay is sticking with her story that she borrowed the $2,500 necklace and the whole thing was a misunderstanding.
And since Lindsay is currently on probation, this case would directly impact her ongoing DUI case in Beverly Hills.

Can we treat her like a normal person now? When a warrant is issued for her arrest, can the police just kick in her door while she’s half-naked eating that sandwich she stole from a homeless guy like they would anybody else? It’s been about 4 years since she starred in a movie. 6 years since she starred in anything remotely popular. If you graphed her career, there would be a steady climb up the y-axis of fame until about 2008-2009 where there would be a slight, but noticeable drop. In late 2009-2010, the line would plummet down the y-axis so fast into negative space that it’d shatter the x-axis into a million pieces.

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Haha DucK FacE!
Haha DucK FacE!
13 years ago

Good. She is a stupid useless glutton with horrible looking ducky lip injections.

13 years ago

Yay! That stupid cunt can quit pining over her ex boyfriend without a dick (Sam?) and take a broom handle in prison like a real dyke! Yay!