Lindsay Lohan Up for Role in Upcoming ‘Superman’

Lindsay Lohan has been given chance after chance after chance and she’s squandered every one by repeatedly screwing up. The only difference this time is she’s fast tracked the cycle by screwing up even before she’s been given another chance.

TMZ says Lindsay has had multiple phone conversations with people behind the Superman reboot and is up for the role of a “major character” in the film. Sources claim Lindsay is “dying to show people again how talented she is” and that she’s supposed to meet with the Superman brass. Although, that might prove a little difficult due to her impending felony grand theft charge.

I haven’t read Superman lately but is there a character who gets drunk a lot and wanders around Venice beach stealing clothes and jewelery? Is her super power boring you to death by rambling on and on about how the world is against her and how she and her lesbian lover belong together? Because that’s the only way Lindsay should have a part in this.

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Are you gonna sniff that?
Are you gonna sniff that?
10 years ago

Shell be too much to Insure..

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