Mariah Carey Is Loving, Insane

Mariah Carey spent an estimated $1.3 million on her twin’s nursery turning it into an opulent display of wealth. God how I wish I could climb into Mariah’s uterus and have her birth me. Wait, that sounded much creepier than it was supposed to.

‘Mariah wanted 18-carat gold trim, with ivory walls, soft furnishings and walk-in wardrobes full of Petit Trésor designer clothes.

‘There’s a top-of-the-range sound system and they’ll each have diamond-encrusted iPods and a flatscreen TV that comes down from the ceiling.’

The twins will sleep in Chelsea Sleigh cribs, £1,390 each, while Mum and Dad relax in Glam Glider chairs at a knockdown £1,420. And there’s a Clara changing table, worth £1,780.

‘There’s ?a $1 million red-crushed velvet, 24-carat gold and onyx sofa used for Michael Jackson’s shows. It’s very Alice In Wonderland, with swags of silk on the back.

You know what I’m going to give my kid if I ever trick a girl into having sex with me? A cardboard box. And they’ll like it. Or else. *Looks at stranger’s womb. Smashes fist against palm*

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If I had that much money, I’d do whatever the hell I wanted. Since when is it bad to want the best for you kids?

Yeah, let us know when that sex thing works out for you man :)


a cardboard box? … that was a joke right?
it was bad.
I with u elow, but $1.3 million? that’s over the top, no? i get it’s her firstborn and its none of my business, but damn mariah. there’s this place, its called Ikea. check that sh*t out…


All the money in the world can’t stop you from having one crazy ass mom

The Blemish

I have a feeling she’s dressing those kids up as Hello Kitty! every Halloween.


so what happens when the babies puke and poop on the crushed velvet? she throws it away? I think it is more about her than the kids-always has been-she wants a baby and she wants it RIGHT NOW!!! but then everything in Mariah’s life is all about her-even her husband has to like being called Mr. Carey and it is pretty obvious if doesn’t just just kiss her butt and say “yes dear” “whatever you want dear” he is in big trouble-Paris had Tinkerbelle-Mariah keeps a spineless black man in her purse and drags him out to play trophy husband… Read more »

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