More Pictures of a Beaten Rihanna leaked

Back in 2009, Chris Brown punched Rihanna so many times in the face that she looked like a bloody and bruised mess by the end of the night. TMZ leaked the now infamous photo of the beaten Rihanna but rumor was there were others.

Fast forward to the other day when the judge relaxed Chris’ restraining order against Rihanna. The judge brought it down to a level one restraining order which means Chris cannot “annoy, molest or conduct surveillance” with regards to Rihanna. Rihanna’s lawyer said the singer had no objections.

Following this news, decided to leak two much more graphic photos of Rihanna after the fight which show in even more detail what Chris did to Rihanna.

In the future when anyone asks you why no one buys Chris Brown’s music anymore, show them these. Then when they gasp in horror, tell them not to worry because Chris Brown made amends by doing a lot of community service.

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