Olivia Wilde Wants to ‘Sow Her Wild Oats’

Prepare yourself for “fun” Olivia Wilde because a friend says the reason she broke up with her husband of 8 years is because “she wants to sow her wild oats.” She feels she missed out on being single because she married so young at 18.

“It was Olivia’s decision…for the typical Hollywood reasons,” another source close to Wilde tells Us. “Her career has exploded and she saw being married is not as much fun. She feels she missed out on being single.”

“She is a hot property now … it was weighing her down being married.”

Her estranged husband, meanwhile, “is heartbroken and really wanted to stay together.”

Ha, sucker. Forget him. If Olivia wants a good time, she should come see me. I’ll show her around. I may blog from my parent’s basement but I know all the hotspots. Starbucks, McDonald’s, Von’s, that Mexican place I get my California Burritos from. And after we paint the town red, we can do what I normally do. Grab some tv dinners and come home to crippling loneliness. Hm. Now that I’ve put my life into words, it doesn’t sound so fun.

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12 years ago

Oh yeah, baby!!! I’m all ready to go…woo hoo!!!

The Blemish
12 years ago
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