Rihanna and Ryan Phillippe Might be Sleeping Together

Last week Us reported that Ryan Phillippe hit on Rihanna and was shot down. Now Us reports they’re sleeping together on the down low. Sure, why not.

Rihanna’s got a steamy new collaboration! Though one source told Us Weekly the singer, 23, appeared to blow off Ryan Phillippe, 36, at a Gucci/Roc Nation brunch in L.A. on Feb. 12, a second insider says it was actually just the opposite — and that the two had a sleepover that very night!

“She thinks he’s hot,” says the source. “They totally had sex. And it wasn’t even the first time!”

“They initially hooked up when things were strained with [Rihanna’s ex] Matt Kemp back in early December,” says a Rihanna source. Phillippe (whose three-month, nonexclusive romance with Amanda Seyfried recently fizzled) and Rihanna then reconnected at Bing’s Two Kings charity event Feb. 19 — though again, they played it cool.

My new plan is to run into Rihanna and talk to her for at least 2 minutes because apparently she sleeps with every guy she meets.

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