Sofia Vergara Models the New Skinny Pepsi Can

Pepsi is taking a lot of flak for their new skinny diet Pepsi can campaign. An eating disorders group says they couldn’t care less about the shape of the can but take offense to Pepsi’s media campaign that celebrates skinny and suggests strong, confident women must also be skinny. Which is true. How many confident obese chicks have you seen. I mean, ones who haven’t given up on life and describe themselves as “all woman.”

Let’s be honest, no one wants to drink out of a fat, chode-shaped can. These guys should know drinking Pepsi is more a statement about who you are than what your soda preference is. People want to sip out of something skinny, elegant, sexy. Something that describes them and their lifestyle. Something that says, “I get mad pussy.” And this can is it!

Regardless, a bigger travesty is Pepsi’s new poster with Sofia Vergara. Can you believe they photoshopped her breasts to make them smaller? Why isn’t the eating disorders group talking about this? This is a way bigger issue. I don’t surf the web for brand adverts just to get cockblocked!

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You Deserve It
You Deserve It
13 years ago

Well Any soda with chemical sweeteners in aluminum cans is horrible for your health and makes you gain weight not lose it. That aside…despite the “skinny” can, Sophia is F A R from skinny she is quite voluptuous and proud of it, so I dunno what the eating disorder people are crying about since anorexics and bulimics obviously don’t want to gain weight so they will steer clear of that garbage anyway. That is why u will always see obese people ordering a Big Mac and a Diet Coke. Also on the skinny can- Red Bull is a skinny can… Read more »