Tila Tequila’s Sex Tape Preview Leaked Onto Web

Opportunistic parasitic whore Tila Tequila struck a deal with Vivid to release her girl-on-girl-on-girl sex tape on February 14. However, Vivid is allegedly pissed because already posted a 5 minute clip of it. Vivid has since sent a cease and desist to Pornhub, a company based in Cyprus, and claims the tape was leaked by one of their own.

Meanwhile, Tila, who’s now going by her real name Tila Nguyen to appear a little more respectable (hahaha), feigned shock and disgust. A statement released by her rep read, “Tila Nguyen is in total shock and livid right now that someone had the audacity to leak out an intimate tape made with her and her 2 girlfriends without her consent. That tape was not meant for the public and she has been fighting fiercely in court to not have anything released. We are currently working with her lawyer’s to decide what the next steps are.”

Raise your hands if you believe Vivid released this without Tila’s consent. You, sir, with the raised hand. You are an idiot. To the gallows with you!

Tila is well aware of the details of this tape’s release. She probably even leaked the 5 minute clip herself to drum up interest because no one was talking about it. Well… it worked. Aw, god dammit.

Oh and if you’re wondering, see the clip here or here. VERY NSFW. Don’t blame me if you get fired.

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