Week End Wrap Up With Mila, Heidi, Maria and Charlie

Here’s stuff I missed during the week condensed into one post. Without the pulp.

– Mila Kunis is in the February edition of the L.A. Times magazine where she continued looking hot. In the interview, she said comedies are just as hard, if not harder than dramas. Hehe, she said hard. Also, she’s loaded and doesn’t need to work if she doesn’t have to. Pictures start here.

– Heidi Klum is in the March edition of Lucky Magazine where she says her personal style icon is her mother, that when she’s happy she likes to pig out on a Big Mac, fries and a Coke and that she loves shopping with her gay husband Michael Ostrow who tells her it’s not the pants that make her look fat, it’s her ass. I never knew Seal’s gay alter ego had its own name or that it was so bitchy. Pictures start here.

– Maria Kanellis, WWE diva/Celebrity Apprentice contestant, did a photo shoot in Huntington Beach yesterday afternoon for an ad campaign for her Maria Kanellis Signature Perfume Line. Why they thought to send this to me, I have no idea. It must be my love for girls in bikinis. They sure do know the fastest way to my heart. Pictures start here.

TMZ captured 12 seconds worth of footage of Charlie Sheen dancing with a bunch of women before his 36-hour bender. Then they looped the video 5 times and put it in slow motion at the end just in case we missed any of those 12 seconds. Which I did. Thanks, guys. Bonus: Charlie Sheen has a fancy grill.

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13 years ago

Tongue bath for Mila…IYIYIYIIIIIII