Alex Pettyfer Labeled a Liability

Dianna Agron’s ex and I Am Number Four costar, Alex Pettyfer, was told by his agents not to go to February 26’s Night Before party for the Oscars. Agron was at the same party and they didn’t want a repeat of what happened at a West Hollywood club on February 18 where he flew into a jealous rage. In fact, William Morris may consider dropping him as a client because he’s unmanageable.

The insider adds Pettyfer’s agents may fire him, since his volatile actions “have become a liability.”

For now at least, a William Morris rep tells Us that the British I Am Number Four star “is still a client.”

I’ve always wanted to be called a liability so I could be like those movie cops who don’t play by the rules. It just seems cool. Like holding a gun sideways or wearing a bra when nobody is looking. Wait, how did that get in there? I mean, haha, just kidding.

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andrew silvestri
andrew silvestri
12 years ago

im connect to the movie business we would not hire lindsey lohan shes a laibityfor the film industry