Alexis Knapp Excited to Be a Mom

Alexis Knapp swears up and down that the baby she’s carrying is Ryan Phillippe’s but according to her, Ryan hasn’t given her any financial support. Which is tough because she can’t work. Because of the baby, you see? Sure, she can walk around Hollywood getting her picture taken but labor? She doesn’t want to hear that word until that kid is ready to pop out.

Sources connected to Ryan, however, say he’s been paying all her expenses despite having no confirmation that the baby is actually his. They also say Ryan is pissed because Alexis promised she wouldn’t go to the media if he paid for everything.

As that drama unfolds at TMZ, Alexis’ rep went to Us to tell them how happy she is to be a mother and that she never asked for help. Wait, let me prepare my eyes for the eventual rolling they’ll be doing. Says her rep, “She has never asked Ryan for any help, nor does she expect it. Alexis has maintained her silence and will continue to do so… She continues to appreciate the love and support of her family and friends. She does know the baby’s gender, but isn’t saying yet. She’s really excited to be a mom.”

Of course she’s excited to be a mom. She’ll be set for life with child support. I’d be excited too if I won the lottery. Granted, the excitement will be tapered with the fact I have to take care of a screaming kid for 18 years, but that’s what nannies are for.

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12 years ago

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Raw dog felt good Right Ryan
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