Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas Split

Wonderful news today. Joe Jonas’ beard contract with Ashley Greene is up. This after dubiously claiming in Details that he isn’t gay (Ricky Martin said the same thing).

Sources tell Page Six the two ended it weeks ago and that it was “mutual and amicable.” Officially, their work schedules caused them to drift apart. Unofficially, it must have been a 6 month beard contract.

Greene is filming the next Twilight flick and is set to film LOL with Demi Moore and Butler with Jennifer Garner. Joe is set to release his first solo album in the summer.

Ashley wasn’t too broken up about it because she was happily hanging out at Avenue Tuesday night with friends including Jared Followill who Miley has supposedly been going after.

Gee, I thought these two were going to work out (no I didn’t). I was really pulling for them (no I wasn’t). I just hope Ashley can find love again (she will once she sees me lying naked on her doorstep with a bow tied around me).

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10 years ago

Ha ha, that s**t only holds up for awhile (depending on what she’s paid) On the plus side, he gave her GREAT tips on giving head and taking it up the ass! WINNING!!!

10 years ago

Maybe get your facts straight BEFORE you publish. That’s “Butter” with Jennifer Garner, not “Butler.”

10 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Good thing you straightened that important, world changing fact, faggo.

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