Audrina Patridge Filming in Her Bikini

Audrina Patridge walked around Palm Beach in a yellow bikini the other day filming her new VH1 reality show titled Audrina. The show revolves around her trying to make it in the entertainment industry. Bwahaha. Oh, what? This isn’t a joke?

The goal for Audrina is on two levels, a young girl trying to make it in the entertainment industry, while her no-nonsense family keeps her grounded, but are amazingly real supportive.

They only let her say one line in the preview which was just “Somewhere between fame and family, there’s a place for me.” Yea, it’s called the kitchen. What? She makes good sandwiches.

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10 years ago

What the hell happened to her tits? Her friends rack puts hers to shame. It looks like she took some air out of them, and it looks AWFUL. She took away the one thing she had going for herself, and now she has nothing, but some small saggy little mini-wonks. What a fool.

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