Billy Ray Cyrus Calls Off the Divorce

In an interview on The View, Billy Ray Cyrus says he’s getting the gang back together. He’s dropping the divorce and with that, Miley Cyrus is talking to him again.

“I feel like we are the daddy and daughter that we were before Hannah Montana happened,” Billy said.

This after he told GQ that Hanna Montana destroyed his family and Miley was hanging with a bad crowd. And after Miley was caught smoking “salvia” from a bong.

Now they’re one big happy family again. Like nothing ever happened. Mickey Mouse must have put Billy’s balls in a vise and cranked the lever. When will Billy learn. Mouse beats mullet every time.

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10 years ago

“Cain’t get no deevorce when I ain’t gots no moneh” he spattled. “I done got my ‘llowance cut off’n’ by my youngin…’sides, my wife is mah sis anyways…”

10 years ago
Reply to  jethro

Add a couple hyuck hyucks and it’ll sound like a real billy ray cyrus quote

10 years ago

Damn… what that family needs to do is discipline their damn kids!! Like really?? Are they that fucken stupid?? I mean, Miley has dated guys twice her age and hanging with the wrong crowd and they dont do s**t! So… its their fault shes a fucken whore. I think they needed that devorce. lol Maybe Miley would stop being a damn bitch and a whore and focus on her damn family, Dumb bitch. I hate actress and artist hoes all over TV. Its fucking disgusting. If she was 18 and over, doing that s**t… they that wouldnt matter but she… Read more »

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