Charlie Sheen Broke?

An insider tells Popeater that the reason Charlie Sheen is suing CBS and Warner Bros. and why he joined Twitter to do paid tweets  is because he’s “cash poor” and “desperately needs the money to maintain his vast, complicated estate.” Apparently addicts aren’t good at money management. Weird.

The source claims most of Charlie’s funds are tied up in property or business dealings and that he needs cold hard cash. The $16 million he’s suing CBS for should help. Charlie says he has a “Michael J. Fox” clause in his contract that allows him to keep earning money from the show even after he leaves. And if the rumors of the show continuing with Rob Lowe are true, he wants his money.

Joining Twitter won’t help either. A recent report claimed Charlie was paid the highest of any celebrity, five figures, to endorse which he’s using to find anyone brave enough and dumb enough to work for him.

Five figures can’t even buy one goddess let alone two. He’s going to have to find another way to convince them to stay. Which is what that machete is for. According to an ancient saying, “where begging and pleading fail, a big f**king knife won’t.”

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10 years ago

He’ll be like the Robert Downey Jr. character in Less Than Zero, he’ll be sucking dick for Tiger Blood money any day now. Gay porn, too.

10 years ago

I wish THR did like in the ole d days, posting lastest messages first. Oh, well. I wonder if Charlie will ever come down. Even if he’s off the meth/coke/booze, his brain is fried. It will take at least two years for his brain to start healing – and that’s only if he stays straight. Why hasn’t his family done a forced intervention? Don’t they care or are they too afraid? His parents should have reigned him in long ago. They are complicit in this. Are they just going to let him die? Any MHP would lock him up for… Read more »

10 years ago
Reply to  Samsparks23

He’s a 45 year old man. His parents are no longer responsible for his actions. This is all on him.

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