Charlie Sheen Fired from ‘Two and a Half Men’

Effective immediately, Charlie Sheen’s services on top ranked CBS show Two and a Half Men are no longer needed. Because he’s fired.

Warner Bros. just released this statement: “After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on “Two and a Half Men” effective immediately.”

Don’t worry. Charlie will still claim he’s winning. That is until his funds dry up and he can no longer afford those hookers and porn stars anymore at which point he’ll drop to his knees and scream to the heavens, “Oh god, what have I done?!”

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13 years ago

That show sucked anyway.

13 years ago

What a steaming turd
Americans have no FCUKIN TASTE!!
that lesbo bieber, Miley ball bag sucker, trust fund fake ass rhianna willy smith, katey butter face perry, lady gonads,
America has no taste

Starlett Johabsonn
13 years ago

rumour has it they will replace him, wonder whom they are gonna choose (never seen a single ep of 2,5 Men though but probably will now)

13 years ago

He didn’t like the show anyway??? He didn’t mind pocketing the millions he made off it though!!! Maybe he’d like to give it all back then?? What a loser!!!!