Christina Aguilera Got Drunk Again at the Same Restaurant

A few weeks ago, Christina Aguilera’s boyfriend Matthew Rutler was popped for a DUI. Cops also arrested Christina for public intoxication because she was extremely drunk and couldn’t take care of herself.

Three days after the arrest, they went back to the same restaurant they got drunk at and got drunk again. No doubt to slay that beast called dignity.

A source says they had two bottles of wine and no regrets. “She acted as if the arrest never happened. When their server offered them dessert, they asked for more wine.” “She seemed tipsy” when she was about to leave claims the witness.

Luckily, this time Christina and her boyfriend took a chauffeured limo back home. Unluckily, this hasn’t helped the 40 pounds of pudge she’s allegedly gained since splitting from Jordan Bratman.

An insider says, “Christina’s lost her confidence since she split from Jordan. She gets terribly sad, and that’s when all the awful memories come flooding back and she ends up numbing herself with booze and food.” Friends are calling her boyfriend Rutler an “enabler.”

Why can’t people ever numb themselves without gorging on food and alcohol? Just once I want to see a celebrity deal with depression by running on the treadmill for two hours a day. If not for themselves, then for me so I won’t have to look at their fat, piggy faces.

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10 years ago

Who ever wrote this is an asshole! Why the f**k must u insult people and focus on how fat they are? I hate Christina for a million reasons but I bet u r far more disgusting to look at then a chubby Christina!

11 years ago

Cristina Aguilera is one the best singers of our time. And good looking too. If she needs help, it’s time for her family and friends and fans to get going and get her some!

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