David Arquette Injured in Car Crash

David Arquette has been taken to the hospital following a head on collision. Arquette was driving in West Hollywood about an hour ago in his Cadillac when the car in front of him suddenly stopped. Attempting to avoid hitting the car in front of him, David veered left into oncoming traffic slamming into a car going the opposite direction.

David was lying on the ground bleeding as fire trucks rushed to the scene. Pictures from TMZ (video there) show David in the death pose. He’s not really dead by the way.

I really want to know if David walked out of his car and thought to lay on the grass until the ambulance came. Because that’s what I would have done. Concussions make me sleepy.

TMZ says he was on his way to board a private jet to Vegas where he was to attend the grand opening of Sugar Factory and a party hosted by Kim Kardashian.

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