‘I Am Very Concerned That [Sheen] Is Currently Insane’

On Tuesday evening, police visited Charlie Sheen’s Beverly Hills mansion, shook his tree and ripped his twin boys out of his jet fuel infused arms. This comes after his ex Brooke Mueller was granted a restraining order against Sheen early Tuesday based on allegations that Sheen physically and verbally abused her. To put it bluntly, Mueller is “very concerned that [Sheen] is currently insane.” For whatever reason, the judge agreed with her. *Shocked face*

Consequently, Sheen has been stripped of custody of his boys and has been forbidden to communicate with Mueller or get within 100 yards of her or his children. According to Brooke, Sheen only recently started showing interest in the twins and took them from her house on his mercury surfboard without permission.

When she tried to get the twins back, Sheen allegedly threatened, “I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom,” she said.

Mueller also alleged that while on vacation in the Bahamas last week with his two girlfriends, Sheen launched into a tirade against Mueller, punched her in the arm, spat on her feet and “threatened to stab my eye with a pen knife,” the documents show.

When contacted by PEOPLE and asked if he planned to fight for custody of his sons, Sheen replied with a text message that reads, “Born ready. Winning.

Well, one redeeming quality about Charlie Sheen is he doesn’t pussy foot around. His tiger blood won’t allow him to do that. There are no games with this guy because he lives inside the truth and there’s no point debating him. And frankly, how could you, what with his 10,000 year old brain and boogers of a 7-year-old. Plus, winning is all Charlie does.

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13 years ago

I think it’s just GREAT to see what these whores will put up with to have a rich guy’s kids…I feel sorry for the kids, but the uterine-whores can go straight to hell.

ur Momz
ur Momz
13 years ago

haha yeah gold diggin’ at kids expense. Wait till they grow up mmhmmm good times