Jason Biggs Jokes About Collaborating with Heidi Montag

Remember when American Pie came out and people couldn’t stop talking about Jason Biggs f**king a pie? I bet he wishes he could go back to those days because he’s now resigned himself to making fun of Heidi Montag on Twitter. Which is actually a pretty awesome thing to do when you’re a bored actor.

Biggs went on The View to talk about “collaborating” on a romance novel with Heidi Montag over Twitter. “Collaborating” is in quotes because Jason was actually being sarcastic and making fun of Heidi. But all that plastic seeped into Heidi’s brain and destroyed her sarcasm detector so she didn’t know what was going on. Or did she?

“She wrote something like, ‘Chapter One, Jason Biggs sits on a tiger-skin rug wearing nothing but a yarmulke,'” he said, “which actually is pretty funny.” Biggs then picked up the action, having his faithful steed accidentally kick Montag in the chest and then he comes to her aid.

Spencer Pratt heard about this and warned Jason to stay away from his woman. Since Pratt is about as scary as a miniature-miniature poodle, Biggs told him, “No, I won’t stay away from your woman.” Then nothing happened because Spencer Pratt is a douchebag.

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