Lindsay Lohan Not Taking the Plea Deal

Sources are saying Lindsay Lohan met with her lawyer Shawn Holley on Tuesday and decided not to take the plea deal in her felony theft case. She will go to trial instead. Not that insane of a choice because what does she have to lose. The jeweler already sold the security tapes for profit and all reports indicate the judge will put her in jail anyway. From TMZ:

Lindsay’s felony grand theft case will now be assigned to Judge Stephanie Sautner — who’s considered a tough but fair judge — and the preliminary hearing is set for April 22.

Lindsay faces both jail and prison as the case moves on — jail, if Judge Sautner decides Lindsay violated her probation, and prison, if Lindsay is convicted of grand theft.

… Here’s the good news for Lindsay. If she had accepted a plea deal, she would have been placed on 3 years probation — and Lindsay staying out of trouble for 3 years is highly improbable.

Fact is … Lindsay has a credible defense in the grand theft case, and if Judge Sautner agrees NOT to rule on the probation violation until a verdict is reached in the grand theft case, Lindsay could get off scot-free.

So there’s a chance Lindsay won’t do any time. Fantastic. I’ll just assume that’s exactly what’s going to happen. You’d be crazy to think otherwise. A girl who was caught on video stealing an expensive necklace going to jail? That’s preposterous! Who ever heard of such a thing?

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10 years ago

This lesbo for cash will get the hammer
Go A Fuggin Way!!
She hasnt made a good film other than mean girls…that was what? 9 years ago?

10 years ago

When Lindsay was told the training for eating “real prison pussy” involved sucking mayonnaise through a Brillo pad, she decided to fight the charges. “It’s not like the Hollywood lickety-split!” she gurgled.

10 years ago

Please, please, let this girl go to jail. For once, will a celebrity get their just punishment?

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