Lindsay Lohan Still Out Partying

Lindsay Lohan went back to Long Island to spend time with her family between court dates but that plan went out the window once her plane landed.

On Wednesday, Lindsay hit up The Lion before heading over to two clubs where she made out with a random guy. She later met up with her ex Samantha Ronson at the Standard Hotel. They left separately because they’re clever like that.

She brought along her trusty “water bottle” to the clubs where she also hung out with Tyson Beckford and DJ Phresh. Knicks star Jared Jeffries even asked for a photo with her. “Tyson was telling her, ‘You’re so amazing, you’re so beautiful, you’re so talented. It would be so sad to see that talent go to waste.’ They cheered with water.” Lohan then took the party to 1Oak and made out with “some random guy,” a spy said. Another source said,

“Her family is furious. She’s supposed to be spending time with them and deciding if she’ll take a plea deal. It’s almost as if she thinks she may as well have one last final fling.” But last night, she turned up at the Knicks game with her brothers and sister.

In Lindsay’s defense, her family is nuts. Especially her mom. Who knows what kind of photo ops she was planning. I’d rather sleep on a bed of poisonous snakes and poke them in the eyes than hang out with Dina Lohan.

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2 obituaries I can’t wait to see, L.Lohan and C.Sheen.

The Blemish

Will probably be on the same day.


I hope Sheen sticks around. He at least entertains me. There will be another Lindsay Lohan off the bus next week.

There will never be another unicorn blooded warlock. That’s what he has right? Unicorn blood? And magical rainbows coming out his butt.


I really can’t wait to see this brat go to jail. She’ll never accept responsibility for herself b/c she’s surrounded by enablers. This is what my shrink told me.


Train wreck will lez out 4 $
my mom & dad pimped me out
no doubling down with my 0 talent siblings
Waiting for another million dollar offer from Dr Drew…..

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