Mad Men Delayed Until 2012

AMC’s hit series Mad Men will have the premiere of its fifth season delayed until 2012. No deal has yet been reached with creator/exec producer Matt Weiner yet but AMC is exercising its option with Lionsgate to start production of season 5. Weiner’s may be close to finalizing a deal which may net him close to $30 million over two years but there may be an issue with a couple of cast members returning along with a money concerns.

A source close to production says all the major characters are coming back which would mean AMC wants to cut a couple of the minor characters to save money. Sources also say AMC wants to cut two minutes from each episode for more commercials and start doing product placement. How that will work is beyond me considering the show is set in the 60’s. Maybe Trojan can sponsor condoms. There could be an episode where Don Draper accidentally impregnates a girl and at the end of the show he’ll hold a Trojan up to the camera and say “Trojan. The only sure way to prevent stupid babies when cheating on your wife.”

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11 years ago

This show is still on ..snorrrrre

11 years ago

Geez, Wiener, how much money do you need? Get the show done, move on and make even more money. What an asshole…

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