Michael Lohan Is a Good Father

Now that Michael Lohan finally got on a reality show after trying all these years, he’s not going to squander this opportunity by not using his famous daughter. Michael, who’s been cast in Celebrity Rehab, plans on ambushing Lindsay Lohan during her court date. Lindsay’s family is trying to stop this but they might not be able to.

Michael told reporters last night about his plans to have the “Rehab” crew film him being a supportive father in court — when Lindsay will either plea to grand theft or go to trial — but we’re told Dina and the fam found out … and now they’re trying to stop the whole operation before it happens.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the family is FURIOUS — claiming Michael is making a mockery of Lindsay’s court date … turning the entire thing into a spectacle … and now they’re scrambling to find a way to shut him down.

There’s a precedent though — cameras have previously been allowed in Judge Schwartz’ courtroom … so Mama Lohan and co. might be S.O.L.

I wonder how Michael will show himself being supportive. Hopefully he overreacts to the judge giving Lindsay jail time by punching a hole in the wall to really sell his anger and then the judge sentences him to 6 months in jail so he can’t do the show and then sources inside the jail will report how he cries into his pillow every night because he screwed up his only chance of being on a reality show. Also they’ll report how he’s now some big black dude’s b**ch. If you were looking for a silver lining, that would be it.

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10 years ago

How can anyone be that big of a douche bag and live?

10 years ago
Reply to  dezi

Same as parasites do, off their hosts. In this case, his host is LiLo.

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