Police Confiscate Antique Guns from Charlie Sheen’s Home

Japan was hit by an 8.9 earthquake yesterday putting everyone including California on tsunami watch but water is boring so KTLA sent their news chopper over Charlie Sheen’s house to get damning footage of him and his friends eating hamburgers while his house was searched for guns and ammo which is a violation of his restraining order.

Police ended up confiscating a rifle from the 1800s and a few bullets. Charlie’s lawyer, Mark Gross, say police executed the warrant because an anonymous tipster (*cough*BrookeMueller*cough*trolls*cough) claimed Charlie had a gun. Which he clearly did but it was an antique.

He’s probably still dangerous with that thing though. I hear Charlie likes to force his goddesses to have old fashioned duels with him and instead of them getting a gun, they get a ten second head start.

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13 years ago

Yeah Isnt that always the way though. The ones you love DOB you in for the smallest thing that can make you look bad in the eyes of the law…..OBVIOUSLY Charlie had no intent on taking that gun / riffle and going over to Brookes place and fire it…GOD Damn the people getting on charlies case when the guy is only WINNING all the time. He probably forgot or thought that the antique gun couldnt be fired either way it was found he accepted it the court will obvously take it easy on him because he had no intent with… Read more »