Rachel Bilson Still Dating That Guy

Rumors of Rachel Bilson breaking up with the most boring actor in the world Hayden Christensen have been popping up since 2007. It’s been four years and they’re still popping up such as today in Us Magazine where a source says that they’re over for good. “Engagement’s over, relationship’s over. She’s really had it,” said the source. Had what, I’m not sure, but she sounds frustrated.

However, Rachel’s rep denies these new reports. They told Celebuzz, “There is [no] truth to this — Rachel and Hayden are still dating.”

Oh and I’m just supposed to believe her rep who’s in direct contact with her? Over Source who’s been quoted in numerous rumors proven right over the years? Pfft. Source has never let me down. Source is like the ultimate insider. How does he/she get in with all these celebrities?!

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13 years ago

C’mon Luke, use the force!! Her love, rekindle, you must!

13 years ago

Stop your hate bashing, Hayden Christensen has a quite and private manner and doesn’t desire to be a lindsay lohan gossip monger. Besides, he’s the most handsome guy to come out of Hollywood in years with Old Hollywood glamor that few can exemplify. Rachel is in North Carolina filming and Hayden went to Toronto to ready himself for his first director’s chair which begins in April overseas. Give them both the space they need, you can’t ‘date’ someone 24/7 when building a film career, good grief!