Rebecca Black Gets Her First Interview

For the two of you who live in a cave, Rebecca Black is the girl who sings the hit song “Friday” which has gone from 7,000 views on YouTube to almost 16 million in just a week. It’s been called the worst song ever made and has earned the world record for sucking hard. Consequently, Good Morning America interviewed her for the first time on television since Fri-day.

How did it go? Well, it was possibly one of the greatest interviews ever. The first thing GMA does is lull her into a false sense of security by complimenting her on how popular her song has gotten. Using the element of surprise, they take her heart, throw it to the floor and stomp on it by telling her how much everyone thinks she sucks and reading her user comments like “your song Friday is the worst song I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Even deaf people are complaining.” Surprisingly, it doesn’t bother Rebecca as you can tell by the way she slightly chokes back a few tears. If that wasn’t enough, they had her repeat the meanest thing someone said about her. If you’re curious, it was “I hope you cut yourself and I hope you getting an eating disorder so you’ll look pretty. And I hope you go cut and die.”

A couple facts about Ark Music Factory, the people who produced the video. They were paid $2,000 by Rebecca and her mom to record the song. This was after auditioning. Also, in the video they claim Rebecca has a decent voice which was made worse by the autotune.

Whatever though. This song is still terrible which is what makes it so amazing. A monkey could have written better lyrics and all it’d do is throw poo at a piece of paper. At least take solace in the fact that Chris Brown isn’t hatin’ on it. That’s one fist Rebecca’s face won’t have to worry about.

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