Serena Williams Suffered a Pulmonary Embolism, Hematoma

Not only did Serena Williams suffer from a foot injury that kept her out of tennis for the past 8 months, but earlier today it was reported that on Monday, Serena underwent emergency surgery for a pulmonary embolism.

Doctors say a blood clot that developed in her leg traveled up to her lungs. After giving her blood thinners, they also had to treat her for a hematoma. According to analysts, she may be out for one year.

“The first think is for her to get her health back,” ESPN analyst Pam Shriver said. “And I’m sure that’s what she’s focusing on. You can’t say that this is uncharted, because Monica Seles was No. 1 when she was stabbed [in 1993] and forced to leave the game. Justine [Henin] surprisingly retired [in 2008] as the No. 1 player. We’ve seen that abruptness before.

Aw, man. And I loved listening to Serena grunt while hitting the ball. Who will grunt for me now, I ask you? Who will grunt for me now?!

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