Sophie Monk Sleeps With Her Brother

For whatever reason, Sophie Monk ended her engagement to her 50-year-old meal ticket a little while ago after a three month romance. She went on Sydney based 2DayFM to talk about the breakup saying, “I went too hard, too fast [ed. note: giggity], we both did… I don’t want to talk too much because I feel bad, he doesn’t have the microphone.” Oh and she also sleeps with her brother now.

She also said she had become closer to her brother since the split, and compared them to Angelina Jolie and her brother.
‘It’s hilarious, we’ve been watching movies in bed and fall asleep in the same bed and I think ‘this is very Angelina of us’.
‘No, he’s my best friend in the world,’ she said.

Sorry, that title was purposely misleading. I planned to make this a 12 paragraph story with 6 videos of Rebecca Black Friday parodies and only add that quote at the very bottom to see how long you’d read before giving up.

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13 years ago

Her brother and Stephanie Seymour’s son should get together and share notes.

The Blemish
13 years ago
Reply to  Chewy

Don’t worry. This will go away once her brother claims he’s gay. Worked for Stephanie Seymour’s son.