Stacy Keibler Does Esquire

Esquire’sMe and My Place” concept is simple. Take pictures of your model in their own bedroom. In this case, Stacy Keibler. Although I don’t see how this is a new concept. I’ve been doing this forever. The only difference is the models here are missing that look of fear.

Anyway, the photos are accompanied by a mini interview. A few choice quotes:

– I’ve had a couple weird things sent to my house — and my parents’ house. People want me to send an index card in the mail, and they want me to kiss it with lipstick and send it back. Or, like, take a picture of my feet.
– I’ve never taken a picture of my feet. I’ve done some things, but as far as people sending index cards to my house, I don’t generally go in the other room and put lipstick on it.

Sorry. If taking pictures of your feet and sending it to me creeps you out too much, I’d be more than happy with a pair of freshly worn underwear.

– I live in white tank tops — a white tank top and underwear.
– I don’t wear anything when I go to bed. Most of the time.

Mm, it gets me all hot when you pander to your demographic.

– I’m constantly working out, trying to make sure my butt is together. The other day, I hiked with three-pound ankle weights on my legs and went for a hike.
– I have days where I feel like crap and I look at my body and I’m like, “I haven’t been able to work out as much. I can see my butt drooping a little bit.” And I’m just like, “Oh well.”

Is this the part where she proves she’s just like us? Because it worked. I too strap three-pound ankle weights and go for hikes. Many hikes. Probably daily. We have so much in common. We should get together some time. Call me.

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