Tameka Foster Didn’t Know She Had a Sex Tape

There’s a stolen Usher sex tape being shopped around which will probably end up being released by Vivid once they iron out the contract with Usher and Tameka Foster. That is if Tameka ever agrees to it since she didn’t know she was being filmed in the first place. Tameka’s attorney told Radar, “Ms. Raymond has not seen the alleged video and had no knowledge that such a video existed. She is certainly unhappy about it. There is no further comment at this time.”

That’s pretty sneaky of Usher. When I film myself having sex with girls to prove to everybody this actually happened, they know they’re being filmed because of the cameras set up in a 360 around the bed. I want to be the Matrix of sex tapes. I’m very ambitious.

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13 years ago

Whats with the cougar I tis Mr Raymond?