Teresa Palmer Was at the ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ Premiere

New hotness Teresa Palmer was at the Take Me Home Tonight, the new Topher Grace movie, premiere a couple days ago. If you haven’t heard about Teresa, she’s rumored to have had a one night stand with Zac Efron, dated Russell Brand before Katy Perry and dated Topher Grace. Of course, she won’t talk about those embarrassing times in her life as evidenced by the interview she gave Popeater. Thank god. But she does mention how she once threw a party and burned the house down. Literally.

What’s the wildest thing you did in high school?
I had my rebellious stage at age 14 to 16. I threw a huge party at one of my dad’s investment properties and burned down the house. Gate-crashers burned the house down.

What’s Topher like in real life versus his character?
I think Matt and Topher are comparable in many ways. Topher has a little more luck with the ladies than Matt Franklin, but just as lovable and genuine.

I once burned a house down too. My burning was more metaphorical though. No one could handle my sexy dance moves. They all just stared in hushed silence as I did the worm across the floor. Yes, be amazed at my dance skills!

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