There Are Nude Pictures of Britney Spears

Allegedly. Thankfully.

Fernando Flores, an ex bodyguard for Britney Spears, is suing her for $14.5 million dollars claiming she sexually harassed him. To prove he’s not lying, he says he has explicit self-shot pictures of Britney that “will shock and disgust the majority of her fans.” Little does Flores know, we’re way beyond shock and disgust already.

“Fernando says he can prove the photos were taken on Britney’s phone and sent to his mobile.

“He says she sent them last April when she was coming on to him on a daily basis. He left the following month.

“Some of the pictures show Britney with the camera between her legs. Others show her in provocative positions wearing lingerie.

“There are a few where she is naked, exposing herself in a way that she clearly hoped would make him aroused.”

This sounds terrifying. Just picture Britney sitting in her room naked using her grease stained hands to take pictures of her vagina which was just groomed in the shape of Chester Cheetah. Can you imagine how uncomfortable these pictures would make you feel? There are probably photos of her drizzling chocolate syrup over her naked body, then licking it off her body and then sitting there looking at the camera in shame. Be still my heart.

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