Willie Nelson May Just Have to Sing

Willie Nelson was arrested for possession of marijuana last year on November 26 at the border stop in Sierra Blanca. A Border Patrol agent smelled weed wafting from Nelson’s tour bus so they searched everything and discovered six ounces of marijuana.

Now, Kit Bramblett, county attorney for Hudspeth County in West Texas where Nelson was arrested, says he’ll let Willie plead guilty to a misdemeanor count if he pays a fine and performs “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” in court.

Says Bramblett, “It’s the judge’s decision whether or not to approve it, but that’s what I would offer. That’s the one I would request, and that would be his community service. Most people that commit the kind of an offense that they allege he has committed don’t do any community service. Most of them are done by mail.”

Easiest six ounce drug bust court case. Ever! Imagine if they let Lindsay Lohan do something like this. Use her “talents” instead of serving jail time? She’d be blowing everyone in the court room in 5 minutes flat.

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11 years ago

Texas is an odd place. They sure wouldn’t be so nice to a black guy with 6 ounces of weed.

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