Wyclef Jean Shot in the Hand

Wyclef Jean was walking around Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Saturday night on the eve of the country’s presidential runoff vote and was shot in the hand.  The wound was merely superficial according to Jean’s spokeswoman Cindy Tanenbaum. It’s not even clear if he was the intended target of the shooting.

Jean suffered the wound soon after stepping out of his car to talk on his phone, according to Gerry Andre, his spokesman in Haiti.

“He heard a gunshot, then he saw his right-hand palm was bleeding,” Andre said.

Jean was treated by a doctor at a hospital and released, Tanenbaum said.

Andre said it was not clear if Jean was a target of the shooting. “I cannot accuse anybody,” Andre said.

Wyclef, who’s helping the presidential campaign of musician Michel Martelly, refused to talk about the incident with police. This could mean two things. One: it would be a waste of time because there’s zero chance of catching the guy or two: Wyclef Jean really tripped and scraped his hand on the ground and sat there crying until someone kissed his boo-boo and thought this would be the best way to spin the story to make himself seem important.

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10 years ago

Number two was a stupid comment. Not because I’m a die-hard Clef fan but because what type of news reporting is this? It’s just tasteless and immature. It does not sound like the news of a reputable, respected reporter. Either way, thanks for the info and keep in mind, no matter who you are reporting on, keep it classy and keep it “grown”.

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