Charlie Sheen Down One Goddess

Charlie Sheen’s porn star goddess Bree Olsen left him. Possibly because he’s insane and she realized he’s no David Koresh after ticket sales for his tour have been underwhelming to say the least. Side note: It’s pretty weird no one wants to watch a drug addict incessantly begging to get back on Two and a Half Men, huh?

Anyway, a recent tweet from Bree broke the news. “It feels SO GOOD to be home! I was very homesick so it’s good to be back with my family and friends. I love home, Dr.Sniffles & you guys!” Sheen kicked off his Ft. Lauderdale show confirming Bree Olson had broken up with him via text message.

The actor kicked off the show by revealing that one of his goddesses, Rachel “Bree” Olson, had broken up with him via text message. During the Q&A session later, one fan asked Sheen how he handled two women at once without turning to polygamy. He replied, “Not well, because one left.”

So now that Bree Olson leeched as much publicity as she could off Charlie, she’s gone. Makes sense. No one in their right mind would stay with that guy unless they have a fantasy about od’ing on his bed.

  • TaraTeller

    Isn’t he one of those crazy people who think 9/11 was an inside job?

  • Jezza

    Who LET Sheen do this? I thought USA was the land of the free.

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