Charlie Sheen Lost His Custody Battle

Charlie Sheen, one of his “goddesses” and Brooke Mueller appeared in court today to decide who would take custody of their two twins. According to Radar, a judge has allowed Mueller to keep primary legal and physical custody despite relapsing into a coke addiction.

Despite appearing “unsteady on her feet” and “glassy-eyed” Mueller was all smiles as she left the Stanley Mosk Courthouse.

“No comment,” she told RadarOnline when asked if she was pleased with the decision.

While Brooke is in rehab, her mother, Moira Fiore, will take care of the kids.

Did anyone think this would end differently? Brooke is the lesser of two evils. Charlie Sheen is crazy and lives with two hookers. Who knows what would happen to those kids. If he was given custody, we’d see them shot out of a cannon by tomorrow for his Torpedo of Truth tour. And if people asked him if that’s safe, he’d just go, “No, no. It’s cool man. I put a bunch of pillows on the ground so hopefully they’ll land in that.”

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10 years ago

If they give your kids to an coked-out, glassy-eyed, unstable on her feet addict, then you should ask yourself just how crappy of a father am I.

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