David Hasselhoff Can’t Understand His Girlfriend

David Hasselhoff said on the UK TV show Loose Women that he can’t understand his girlfriend Hayley Roberts because of her thick Welsh accent. “We have long conversations because she’s from Wales and I can’t understand her.” Whatever. Who understands women anyway. I just sort of tune out and go to my happy place.

That didn’t stop him from trying to get in her pants though. “We’re just starting. I wooed her, yeah, I was a gentleman. I wooed her by going down to Wales and seeing her. You have to open the doors, petals on the bed. All that, yeah.”

Odd. I thought David’s idea of wooing is to get plastered and drunkenly eat hamburgers on the floor while his girlfriend tapes him. It’s like food porn.

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13 years ago

Which is the daughter and which is the g/f? They both look so young. Maybe they are just his goddesses. #Winning