Fact or Fiction: Zac Efron and Candice Swanepoel

I’m terrible at writing blind items so instead, here’s a game called Fact or Fiction. If I have to tell you how this game works, you may as well stop reading and continue to fill out that janitor application.

Today’s rumor comes from a tipster who says Zac Efron hooked up with Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel. Actually, they say she blew him in front of a bunch of dudes. Wait, what?

Last March, Zac was spotted with a “mystery blond” at Roxbury. They were both cuddling in a booth with a bottle of tequila and eventually left together at 2 a.m. The tipster alleges the mystery blond was Candice Swanepoel who met Zac for the first time that night.

They were introduced by a mutual friend. They started talking and drinking and then a few hours later, once he had wined and dined her at the nightclub, they went into a VIP room and she started, how can I put this, orally servicing him in front of quite a few male and female friends. They then left the club and went to her house and continued their escapade.

Now it’s time to play fact or fiction. Unless a little more proof comes out, here’s why I think it’s fiction: First, dude, it’s Zac Efron. Come on. Second, yea, the club may have been dark but I think at least someone would have noticed a hot chick bobbing up and down on Zac Efron’s junk. That’s, like, the first thing I look for when I step into a club. What? Don’t you? Granted, stranger things have happened. Case in point, Cash Warren and Jessica Alba.

Update: Probably not. E! News says the girl was Laura New, a friend of Zac’s and Vanessa’s. Blondes all look alike apparently.

If any of you have tips, send them in to tips @ theblemish . com.

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