James Franco Blames Anne Hathaway for Oscar Performance

James Franco generally sucked while co-hosting the Oscars with Anne Hathaway. The show itself sucked but at least Anne put in effort. In fact, judging by the way James acted, people thought he was high. He wasn’t, apparently.

Franco went on Letterman and theorized people thought that because Anne Hathaway was so energetic. “I’ve thought about it. I think I know why, because — I love her — but Anne Hathaway is so energetic, I think the Tasmanian Devil would look stoned standing next to Anne Hathaway.”

James added that he hadn’t watched the show and admitted he might have had low energy but “I actually played those lines as well as I could.”

He then pointed out the hypocrisy of Hollywood: “But here’s the hypocritical thing: Leading up the Oscars, I couldn’t hear enough about how, ‘Oh, people don’t care about the Oscars anymore; it’s dead, it’s boring, it’s at the end of a long awards season, who cares about it?’ Well, as soon as you don’t host the way they want you to, they suddenly care and won’t shut up about it!”

Yea, tell me about it, James Franco. First the big wigs are all like “sir, you’re not allowed in there. That’s Megan Fox’s private dressing room,” and then they’re all like “securrriittyyy!” What’s up with that?

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