Kate Bosworth is Topless

Kate Bosworth hit up Mexico on Sunday, took off her top and went for a swim. It was disappointing because she managed to strategically cover her breasts except for a few shots. It’s like she has a sixth sense for paparazzi. These pictures are about as topless as a Maxim shoot. And even when you do find nipple, you realize that it’s still just Kate Bosworth. I’d rather have taken those five minutes to make a sandwich. Or taunt a homeless guy. Whichever. Both bring me the same amount of joy.

Photos over at The Superficial.

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13 years ago

Yea, how can there be no boob shot? Did she walk around with her arms up the whole time? That would make it hard to do lots of things at the beach, like swim.

rayi asimov
rayi asimov
13 years ago

Those photos are too clear and professional to be taken by a jerk with a cellphone. This was a setup, authentic and simple, to appearance off her new implants.

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