Paz de la Huerta Charged With Asssault

Back in March, Paz de la Huerta (Naked chick on Boardwalk Empire) got really drunk, hit on a guy who wasn’t interested, threw a glass at Samantha Swetra who made fun of her for being a sloppy drunk after she drunkenly fell onto a table causing her breast to pop out and then punched her in the face. This was the most epic girl fight ever. She deserves a medal. That or being charged with five misdemeanors by the DA including two counts of 3rd degree assault, 4th degree criminal possession of a weapon, attempted assault and harassment.

A judge has also granted a temporary restraining order against Paz which even keeps her from contacting Samantha on Facebook. What it didn’t prevent her from doing is being a straight up b*tch and having a sense of humor however unintentional that may be. Thank god.

Prosecutors told the judge Paz trashed Samantha during her stint in the police station on the night of the incident … saying, “I’m a REAL actress — HBO! She’s a publicity seeker, a FAKE actress.”

Not sure how one can be a fake actress but the cops must have went full ROFLcopter on Paz when she said that. In her 20 minutes of screen time on Boardwalk Empire, she’s naked and banging either Steve Buscemi or Michael Shannon. I don’t know about you weirdos, but I’d rather have Samantha Swetra’s job. Those Steve Buscemi eyes creep me out.

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10 years ago

Where did this happen that they charge her with 5 misdemeanors? Certainly not LA. You can be high, crash your car like Lindsay and run away, and not even get punished.

If you want to murder someone, make sure to do it in LA.

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