ESC Loves His Baby Wipes

Terrence Howard was the first big name celebrity to profess his love for baby wipes and now has come out in support for baby wipes. Not to stereotype but is this a black people thing or are black people just the most vocal about it?

Elle interviewed and one of the questions was, if he walked into a woman’s house, what item would be a deal breaker. His answer? Condoms, wet sinks and baby wipes.

ELLE: If you walked into a woman’s house, what one item would convince you that you weren’t compatible?

W: If she had condoms in her house, that would just fuckin’ throw me off. That’s just tacky.

ELLE: Well, okay, I could see if she had a candy bowl full of them on the coffee table. But if she’s got a few in a drawer, wouldn’t that simply suggest she’s health-conscious?

W: I just think, like, if you’re into someone and you guys get to that level, then that’s something you should converse about together and say, “Hey, maybe we should get some.” Another pet peeve is wet sinks.

ELLE: Wet sinks?

W: Yeah, like a wet sink. You don’t wipe the sink after you use it? Dry it off! And if she’s got only dry toilet paper and no baby wipes next to the toilet. You ain’t got no baby wipes?

ELLE: I’ve heard about this particular deal breaker before. Why is that a big deal to you?

W: Here’s proof on why people should have baby wipes. Get some chocolate, wipe it on a wooden floor, and then try to get it up with some dry towels. You’re going to get chocolate in the cracks. That’s why you gotta get them baby wipes.

That’s it. I’m explaining the need for baby wipes to every girl in this exact way. The wet sink thing is kind of obsessive compulsive though. You might even say he’s a little anal about it. Get it? Because… hey, does anyone else hear crickets?

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11 years ago

Damn…thought I liked Will! As a woman, I agree with the wet wipes….they get the job done best! However; I wonder if he’ll advise his daughter to use only condoms the man brought over, instead of taking ownership of herself and having her own?? So what he’s saying is…a woman can’t do what a man does. If she’s taking ownership then she’s “tacky,” but a man is “prepared”???? As a young woman growing up dating, with no real paternal guidance (only slept with 6 men)…only 1 man (now my husband) brought a condom with them or even planned to wear… Read more »

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