A.J. McLean Bought a Lindsay Lohan Vampire

The old saying that a sucker is born every minute applies to D-list celebrities as well. At an art exhibition for Tyler Shields in LA over the weekend, Backstreet Boy McLean fell in love with a blood-soaked picture of Lindsay Lohan sitting on Vampire Diaries star Michael Trevino while holding a wooden stake. And because “impulse control” and “celebrity” never go together, he paid between $30,000 and $40,000 for the large print.

Shields told “A. J. paid between $30,000 and $40,000 for the large print of Lindsay with Michael Trevino. I was really thrilled with how the exhibition went and we sold a lot of my images on the night including one of Diana Agron from Glee, Emma Roberts and actors Spencer Falls and Sarah Carroll.

“This is what I do for a living and my subjects do not get a cut of any sales generated just a lot of exposure by being photographed by me. Hopefully, I will work with Lindsay again and she was thrilled with the results of our latest collaboration.”

Is A.J. McLean a discerning art collector or is he another celebrity who buys stuff for the hell of it. Hopefully the latter because I really want him to put up Lindsay’s picture next to one of a crocodile riding a unicorn. I’d like to believe the walls of his home are decorated with a bunch of random sh*t he bought and that he spends hours upon hours debating where to hang pictures like this up. Next to the Monet or Dogs Playing Poker?

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